Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day 3-How Do You Use Your Flats?

Today is day 3 of the flats and handwashing challenge and the topic for today is "How do you use your flats?". So far I have tried the pad, diaper bag , origami, happy anteater and airplane fold to see which one best suites my 3 kids. I love the fact that flats can be folded in 15 different ways. Right now, my favs are the pad fold (daddy friendly) and the "Happy Anteater" fold with a snappi or boingo. For my daughter who is a heavy wetter we tried the Airplane fold and needless to say it worked..until she got a hold of a large glass of tea. ;)
Airplane fold with snappi
At night, my husband uses the pad fold and we are able to get to through the night for both the twins and my infant easily. During the day I experiment with different folds while my kiddos lovingly kick and squirm with delight (just kidding). 0_0 All in all, I love the fact that I can fill my diaper bag to the max with enough flats to get through a full, yes full day. Also, I have been able to use my flats as a nursing cover, snack holder, car window name it, I have probably used a flat for it. Now that we have a bucket washer I will pack that along with our flats and covers in our vehicle just in case of an emergency.You can never be too prepared. :)

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