Thursday, February 16, 2012

Naptime....why do I even bother!

  So, I have not been able to post anything do to lack of time. It seems like that is something that I have an abundance of that.... Lately I have noticed that my little ones have decided that naps are so last year and that they want to stay awake, even when they are acting a straight fool!! I love them with all my heart but why is it that naps seem like they are from the devil?!
  Having twins and a 5 month old is different since they are on different schedules. The only thing is they never stick to a consistent one. Or is it they are consistent at being inconsistent? You get the point. Mommy is not in the loop when it comes to how naps should go.
  I usually have this scenario happen... Baby is asleep and twins are fighting sleep, or one twin is asleep and baby is asleep, or All of them are asleep!!Now this is a miracle from GOD!

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