Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Montessori and homeschool. A work in progress...

So today I decided that I was going to finally do it. I've been following Carla the Bubblelush's "Montessori Mondays" and was inspired to FINALLY organize our house to suit the twins and our 9 month old. Before we had children I had volunteered at a local Montessori school and I fell in love with the teaching methods. At first I thought, "This should take an hour." Wrong! It took a most of the day to find, sort, match and throw away toys that were broken. Let's just say that I am not finished but I am very pleased with the progress. My husband was skeptical of the idea at first but once he saw how our twins AND 9 month old were able to play with their toys without getting bored he agreed that it was a good idea. I have to say that I am little frustrated and I know that I need to do some more research but all in all it's a start. I will do an update on how things are going, but for now this is what we are working with. :)

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